Hey people Thanx fer coomin
HI thank you for comin to #teenfunspots homepage!!
we are glad to have you here.
come and visit us n starlink mIRC (aspen)
HEy thanx fer comin yall we are glad u support us!
HaPpI and Josh (owners)
HEEHE this is a new site (duh!)
I am Happi and i hope you come and see us on #teenfunspot

hehehehe thank you all for This is the egisrtation form
you MIGHT get if we like ya enough! :)

1.Have you ever been a auto op in any other channels on starlink? (yes or no)

2.How often do you come on starlink? (answer below)

3.Do you get Kicked or Baned from any channels alot? (answer below)

4.Have you even been in trouble for nuking or any other operations on
servers? (answer here -->)

5.Are you often talking with the IRC cops for somthing you did wrong?
(answer here -->)

6.Have you been coming to #Teenfunspot reguarly?

Now fill in the information about yourself below.


Nation And State:

Nick Name on IRC:

Date form was recieved:

E-mail address:



How Long Have you been on IRC:

Why you want to be an op:

What times in the day do you usually get on IRC:

Fill out this form and send it to lifesucks69@hotmail.com or
stdn@hotmail.com or you could wait untill one of the owners arive in
#Teenfunspot and you can send it to one of them

Thank you for your coroperation and taking the time to fill out this form.

Thanx from the owners: Justin and Josh

Nick names: HaPpI and Josh

We should be back with you in about 1 week or 7 working days.
We will be observing you for a while thanx!! :-)
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thnk you alot

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